February 2019

Our lovely Damien daugther Tara has found a new home 

at Dietichshof the home of the Silver Grullo stallion

Schaenzer's Silver Lining

Linus and Tara are a proven cross

as they have already produced two wonderful foals

(Eddie and Dzaro) for us

Looking forward to our foals coming 2019

reservations possible

October 2018



We have had many enquiries for our little Silver Edition from all over the world and the decision about Eddie’s future wasn’t easy at all for us. Keeping him, selling him… what shut we do.


 To make a long story short, our very special boy Glenmorgan Silver Edition will be moving out of country after weaning.


All the best to the new happy owner and always happy trails for the two of you!


As a little goodie for us, we are happy to say that Eddie will return home via frozen seamen at some point in the future to support our own breeding program.


September 2018

We are happy to announce that once again we have an

International Sale Pending

more to follow soon :-)

April 2018


Our first foal of the year has arrived :-)

April 2018


Foaling season is starting soon :-)


March 2018

Happy Eastern Time

December 2017

Thanks to MU Sporthorse Service/Pferdetransport

our little darling Glenmorgan Janie Lynn

arrived save and sound at her new home!

Merry Christmas to her new family we know you will love her at least as much as we do <3

A very merry christmas to all our friends around the world

November 2017



We have recived a reservation for the 2018'er foal of our Leya a long time ago

unfortunally things have changed and this baby will be available again

this foal will be a full sibling to

Glenmorgan Royal Command and Glenmorgan Janie Lynn

October 2017

Glenmorgan Fe's Delight

collecting ribbon after ribbon on her first show year!

Well done Astrid, we are proud of you two :-)

Glenmorgan Dark Delight

finally moved to his new home where he was sooo much awaited

September 2017


The resulds of the DMHA Show are online

The 16 years old Glenmorgan Pride Surprise is a son of our former breeding stallion Glenmorgan Nyx Surprise

and the 3 year old Grinmorgan Billy Rae is a son of Glenmorgan Leroy Brown

We are happy to anounce that all mares passed their last vet check and are still in foal :-)

Fingers crossed for 4 healthy foals in 2018!

-Inquirys welcome-

Due to the many foreign visitors we have, we decided to make an international Glenmorgan Farm webside for you

hope you enjoy it and check back soon for more updates