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Since now 20 years, the Glenmorgan Farm has the idea of breeding typey and versatile Morgan Horses leant to the ideal Morgan Horse breeding standard.

The story of Germany`s eldest Morgan Horse farm started with a school`s exchange to Syracuse, New York, where it`s owner, Susen Fischer got in touch with Morgan Horses for the first time while staying at Glamorgan Farm of Dr. Bred Starr. It did not take long until a little, seal brown Morgan colt fell in love for her, so Susen had no chance than taking her foundation stallion Glamorgan Damien back home to Germany when the exchange was over. She had to promise that Damien would be used as a breeding stallion to promote the breed of the Morgan Horse in Germany and Europe.

She then went to the German " Körung"- the stallions approval. This test is voluntary for Morgans in Germany, but Susen was as sure of Damien`s qualities, she wanted to be confirmed by the German judges. And so Damien was the first Morgan stallion ever to be called " proven and tested stallion". Damien started his showcareer doing dressage and jumping as well as driving. Each times he got into the ribbons. After that Susen and Damien went on to the western scene to show everybody, what a real Morgan can do. No matter if trailriding, roping, cutting or reining- nothing seemed to be impossible for that amazing team and they won one price after the other.

There was still one thing left- the endurance. Starting with 40 km ( 25 miles), it did not take long time until Susen and Damien started at 80 km ( 50 miles) endurance racings. Since the beginning they went into the ribbons and a lot of real professional teams wondered who this little, unbeatable brown stallion was. The stamina of Damien and his willing to win was a real prove for the Morgan Horses ability and it`s very special character. All competitions were won, so what to do now? In between, they joined a group of Spanish horses with their show riders, the " Classico Iberico". This was a real chance to expose a Morgan to a bigger audience, travelling from event to event .Susen was doing either side saddle or demonstrating the Spanish riding with a Garocha, always in a historical costume .

This was when Susen got in touch with Bent Branderup, a pupil of Egon v. Neindorff, Nuno Oliviera, Don Javier Garcia Romero and Salvador Sanchez. Bent Branderup was the founder of "Academical Art of Riding"- a very soft and successful way to train a horse the classical way in memory of the renaissance principles. By now the " Academical Art of Riding" is very popular in Germany and good trainers are rare . Due to this education and Susens riding lessons with Bent , Damien is trained to do all the way up until the schools off the ground, including Piaffe, Passage, Levade, spanish walk, spanish trott, shoulder-in, Renvers, Travers etc.and much more. Susen is an offical member of the "Knighthood of Academical Riding" which means she is officially allowed to train horses and riders the way of Bent Branderup.

Her special proud is that Damien passes all this to his offspring. For sure, not every foal can stay at Glenmorgan Farm. So all new owners of a Damien foal can feel happy to have purchased such a talented, willing-to-please Morgan Horse. Susen has kept four of his offspring to make sure his rare and precious bloodlines ( Upwey Ben Don, the "Horse of the Century" can be found three times in Damiens pedigree in third and fourth generation) will be further used for breeding.

Damiens sons proved their success several times. The proven stallion Glenmorgan Leroy Brown ( Glamorgan Damien x Glamorgan Faline) is today owned by Grinmorgan Farm of Manfred Maas at Fockbeck near Kiel. He is used as a breeding stallion also as a sport´s horse and has been very successful in both spheres. Each of his foals got premiered, the last year`s foal even got a ribbon at the foal`s championship. And Leroy himself seems to become more and more like his successful father Glamorgan Damien. He is the most successful Morgan Horse at dressage, jumping and cross country in Germany. Also proven and even winner of the stallion`s approvement of his year is Glenmorgan Nyx Surprise ( Glamorgan Damien x Glamorgan Faline), who is owned by Glenmorgan Farm by now. The judges of the stallions approvement were as enthusiasm about him, he was the winner of the special price of Aachen, where he was proven- a unique success in German Morgan Horse history. Meanwhile Nyx passed his quality to the international Morgan breed. His son, the breeding stallion Red Commander ( Glenmorgan Nyx Surprise x KLN Command be Magic ) was voted several times as Best Junior stallion, best stallion and reserve Best-In-Show at the Swedish championship. He also was the winner of the stallions approving. Nyx is a guarantee for typey foals with a wonderful temperament and a lot of movement.

Not only sport`s horses can be found at Damiens offspring. The geldings Glenmorgan Cinnamon Sox, Glenmorgan Don Calisto and Glenmorgan Final Hylight, all out of Glamorgan Faline, are real family members and the best friends of their owners. They are worked just for fun in several ways and are all very easy to handle with Damiens willing-to -please attitude.

Since the very beginning of Glenmorgan Farm, Susen Fischer`s aim was to breed quality instead of quantity and that`s why every foal is handled and educated professionally from birth. The main intention of Glenmorgan Farm is to keep the versality, the ability, intelligence, couriosity and the soft temperament of the Morgan Horse, just like Figure aka. Justin Morgan himself and his sons. A horse that can be used for the work out in the fields, for driving the family to the church on Sundays with a fine harness, as a racehorse, a family horse, a riding horse, a show horse and to many other possibilities is the greatest goal of Glenmorgan Farm.

The newest purchase, the broodmare Justin Chanting ( Mossrose Triumphant x Taproot Karie) , bred by Rosita Hamar, Hamars Horses, GB, and her 2008 born in Germany foal, the colt Glenmorgan Justin Commander ( Taproot Green Mt. Boy x Justin Chanting) will help Susen Fischer follow her plans for the future: breeding Morgan Horses who`s names will be well known at the sport`s scene and familyhorses, who will be beloved friends for life.





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